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Borde & Associates P.A., Insurance Agency, Viera, FL
Borde & Associates P.A., Insurance Agency, Viera, FL

Insurance, Ancillary and Retirement Solutions | Melbourne

Annuity (Fixed Indexed)

Growth: Interest earnings are based upon the gains in a financial market index.
Access: Up to 10% in most cases are accessible post the first twelve months w/no fees or penalties. Upon execution of lifetime income option you will receive a predictable guaranteed income for life.
Safety: Gains are locked-in & cannot decline in the future from potential market index losses. Therefore your principal and gains are protected.

Life Insurance (Universal Indexed, Whole, Term)

We offer many life insurance solutions designed to help provide peace of mind.  The right choices can help make all the difference when you're planning for the future. 

Tax Free & Supplemental Retirement Strategies

In conjunction with national, tenured financial carriers we can via strategic solutions work together to help customize your personal plan.

Dental, Vision & Hearing

For the highest quality & most cost effective PPO dental & vision plans, please view the options below:

Short & Long Term Disability, Hospitalization, Cancer

Enhance your current benefits and reduce your financial exposure with affordable solutions to help pay for the following: hospitalization, chronic illness (cancer, heart disease, stroke), healthcare deductibles and out of pocket cost, loss of wages, travel and lodging etc.